Now that Germany’s inclusion activist in chief has warmed up the old topic of „definition of disability“, I would like to present our position on it. One reason is the increased readership due to Facebook.

On the one hand, there is the medical-legal concept of disability. What is different about disabled people and the commitment to the duty of care by non-disabled people? This is problematic on many levels.

Then there is the social concept of disability (which we certainly prefer). This is basically more positive „What can society, urban planning, public transport or e.g. architecture do, but also the people concerned, so that they do not restrict or impair people“?

This gives you a simple idea: why do you say „people with disabilities“ instead of „people with disabilities“? Wouldn’t this be a way to improve living together?

How do you see it? Comments welcome 🙂

P.S.: At the very beginning of the blog I mentioned that we don’t want to put disability in the foreground, but from time to time it’s hard to avoid. This is one such example


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