The trigger of this blog was the 24.9.2016. On this day the working group Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus e.V. celebrated its 50th anniversary with a festive event in Essen / NRW.

A few days earlier I, Bastian (living in Flensburg), had learned from my parents that they had registered me for it and that I was now „allowed“ to go down by train on this weekend. Since they live in Solingen, about 45 minutes from Essen, I should sleep there for 2 nights and my father would come with me to Essen, so to speak as my chauffeur. I had nothing planned yet, although I did quite a lot in Flensburg, I agreed reluctantly and not exactly motivated.

Almost at the same time in a small town near Bremen: Neele (no typing mistake!) learns from her mother that they are going to Essen together that weekend for the above mentioned event. Even if she generally had the motivation of a sloth to run a 110 m hurdle, but at the same time was forced by the activity of her mother in the ASbH, she gave her reluctant ok.

Now the day of the event was here. I arrived quite punctually and went straight to the registration. While waiting I noticed a name tag of a participant (directly under mine): „Neele Salome…“. My first thought: „Strange name, let’s see what this one is……“

ASBH_annual general meeting,foreground guests (with Neele), background board on podium, all sitting

Thus, at the beginning, there was a deadly annual general meeting, apart from the short moment when it was decided to hold the next annual general meeting in Bremen. The head of the division group there had applied orally and during her speech I noticed a redheaded young lady in a bright green turtleneck at her side. I saw her at the lunch buffet, we also sat briefly at the same table, but she was short. Later at the disabled toilet we met again, communication against 0 was also required.

After the performance of the brilliant comedian Martin Fromme, formerly known as „The Telok“ with a colleague, there was a champagne reception at which I noticed the lady from afar again…. Afterwards it turned out that we started talking in the context of a small exhibition of aids and from then on the stone or the rollis came into operation.

We spent the evening buffet together at a round table of 8 people and had a lot of fun („Bring me something delicious“ – „How should I roll with 2 plates?“). – Not my problem:P), especially when the dance floor was opened and we gave some pizzazz to the stiff around it.

Inside it got stuffy, so off in front of the building and talk…

A long time later my father showed up „I would like to go home, it is already 2.30 am and we still have 45 minutes drive ahead of us. I’ll get the car.“ Apparently we had spent about 6 1/2 hours together, which felt like maybe 1 1/2 hours long.


In the car on the way back to Solingen I wanted to write her a Whatsapp message. Then I noticed „Crap!!!!! No mobile phone numbers or e-mail addresses exchanged“ And that would have been the end of an unexpectedly enjoyable day, if…

(to be continued)

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