… not two days later, the lady in the back of my head, now sitting at home in Flensburg again, the brilliant idea would have come.

I had learned at the event that her mother heads an area group and so it was easy to find out the telephone number on the Internet. I admitted I still had 1.5 days thoughts in my head like „If she is glad that she doesn’t have my number and it was just one of x nice evenings?“. Then I overcame my inner bastard and called.


The first phone call was ultimately a very restrained ice-breaker. First I had the mother on the line, but finally Neele, who showed her shyness on the phone in contrast to the event. 20 minutes of speaking time, divided 18.5 to 1.5 is clear, or? Finally there were the mobile phone numbers of each other. So Whatsapp was open with it and it was also used eagerly (besides almost daily phone calls lasting up to 3 hours at the beginning). Shortly thereafter, until today, Skype.

It soon became clear that I am more of a „I have a (travel) idea, I’ll do it now“ type, she of a „I have a (travel) idea, I dream of it, plan and leave it then“ type. A very friendly relationship developed quite quickly, first plans (most of them very long-term) were forged. Some of it certainly very fictitious, like buying a castle or island and starting a social project there. Other things sounded adventurous and hard to realize at first, but then came the sparkling moment.


The first weekend visit to Neele was an initial spark, as it became apparent that something longer-term was probably in the offing, which then solidified through her first visit to me. It turned out that living together for at least one weekend definitely works out without any problems. The funny thing was that handicap-related problems were simply solved mutually and played no special role (apart from the fact that she rolled my turtleneck far away from me, for example, and said „Get it, exert yourself“, whereas I caused her an unfeeling injury under her foot), common problems were taken away with amusement: „How do we now bake without an egg? Google says apple sauce… I don’t know… Shops are tight too… Let’s try“, Saturday 23.30 in Flensburg.

In between I was spontaneously with her from time to time (only 4 1/2 hours on the track) for one day. How do you say so beautifully?


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