In October, before we could even sniff each other out for a weekend, the idea was born to go on holiday together. First it should be a weekend with her, then one with her, then a long weekend in a place still to be planned. Places that came into play were e.g. Hamburg, Kiel, Kulturinsel Einsiedel, Copenhagen, Stockholm.

The long-term plan was a 1-2 week holiday in Sweden and Denmark, spun out a world trip!


World trip with 2 wheelchairs? You can do that? First a little bit searched in the net, found several wheelchair users who were travelling with non-handicapped companions / carers / caregivers. Logistically, everything was quite simple, but it was also clear that most of them were destinations in metropolises or guided tours. That wasn’t our thing! Off to the pampas and unaccompanied!

Totally naive, right, organizationally it can’t work and that’s exactly where the bouncing comma was! Fuck it, we want this, so let’s do this, here goes the planning.

Initially, this included 91 destinations! It is clear until today, the world trip will take one year, where it goes, is also quite exactly fixed. However, there are now only 43 targets… And if money runs out, we’ll stay on a dream island… Money, even a topic like that… Where to get, if not steal. There are also various ideas for this, among other things this blog could go in the direction of finding sponsors. Crowdfunding would also be an idea as start-up financing and finally came the keyword project financing.

Because: As naive as the approach to all ideas may be, only those who spin find solutions that are not 0815.

So, finding a topic (the interested reader is welcome to add his mustard in the comments): As mentioned in the first post, we are both wheelchair users. The goal is a real challenge, perhaps unprecedented in form… For many people with a handicap (everyone has strictly taken one) it could be a trigger in the aftermath to do things themselves instead of always moping in the quiet closet. We are therefore aware that we could set an example.

On the other hand, the idea of devoting oneself to social projects, wherever they may be, is in the back of our minds. In addition, the visit of some missions of the brotherhoods (what is behind it will become an own contribution at appropriate time) is planned worldwide, among others in Suriname and Tanzania.

Now to the current status: budget planning – check, travel route – check, vaccination plan – check, procurement planning for care products – not check

end of excursus

But back to the current one: When Neele expressed the idea of Einsiedel Island of Culture, I immediately caught fire and not only because of her Merida red hair (Disney friends know about it) );) We soon found out that nowhere on the homepage are exact details about handicap friendliness to be found and the idea disappeared officially.

What she didn’t know for a long time, however, I had written an e-mail to the owners the same evening and asked for more detailed information, these were very pleasing. Neele didn’t know until 8.12.2016 (thanks to 1 day after her birthday). But then she held a voucher for a weekend together on the culture island Einsiedel (by the way not far Görlitz directly at the Neisse, thus Polish border) in her hands.thusthus

Short speech, long sense, on 10.4. to 13.4. we go on our first vacation together and we are both 0 excited )))))

I already mentioned that I am a little more help/needy for care than Neele, which makes it somewhat more difficult for me to travel alone. Up to 3 days alone, now 4 days. The inclined reader may say: 1 day more is nothing big, but small animals make a lot of crap (connoisseurs of my handicap know about the ambiguity;)) Therefore I have started a self-learning program about 2 weeks ago, which includes among other things also some things what I have never tackled 44 1/4 years, which leaves itself surprisingly well at first go and no longer stands in the way of the journey, at least as a rule.

It’s amazing how a plan, more precisely a human being, gets something rolling that you hadn’t even thought of in your dreams <3 The mind is packed and the journey is underway.

The first five houses of the „BH-Hotel“ (BH stands for BaumHaus, keine Panik, Ladies!) were inaugurated in spring 2005 for up to four persons each, three luxury tree houses for up to six persons followed in July 2008 and another tree house for up to four persons can be booked since 2012. In February 2009, the magazine Geo Saison voted the Baumhaushotel one of the 100 most beautiful hotels in Germany.

Meanwhile, however, huts/tents/alcoves (not clearly to be described) are also set up on the ground of the area and with 2 wheelchairs it goes into a 4 man alcove, since the 2er could become somewhat narrow.

The alcoves are unheated, wheelchair accessible toilets are not far away (according to owner).

No Risk no fun!

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