Our last day in Lulea was spent in our hostel room. We packed our bags and suitcases, we had started the evening before. After that we wanted to spend our last hours in Lulea in the city, which fell into the water due to the heavy snowfall at night. Even though the Swedish road and sidewalk clearing is actually great, she just couldn’t keep up with the snowfall, as it always snowed a bit during the day. Unfortunately, our mood was somewhat depressed because we got hungry and all we had left was sweets. I had the idea that we could order something online or by phone at a pizzeria. Unfortunately this turned out to be more difficult than expected, as we could not order anything without a Swedish identity card number, in one case because of a correctly entered credit card CV (!!?). So we had to resort to our sweets. The rest of the time we spent playing cards. In the evening we were picked up by taxi and brought just in time to the station, actually over the platform to the car. Like on the way there, the conductors were surprised that two wheelchair riders wanted to ride this train, although it had been registered for weeks. In addition, this train had no lifting platform, the night train on its way there had a When we finally arrived in our compartment, the conductor asked us if we still needed help, what we wanted for breakfast. The storage of my suitcases, bags and wheelchair in the toilet was faster than on the way there because we already knew where to go, we are just professionals. 😉 We got limp and I climbed up the very narrow stairs at full speed. (Note Basti: I’m very impressed how well and quickly this works, we’re also perfecting it down) P.s. I’m sorry the post just came in. I never got around to it before.

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