Last weekend I was at Neele’s last weekend. Originally we wanted to go to the Soltautherme together on Saturday, Neele had already planned everything meticulously. The idea to go alone was ideal. Then the other people would have seen that 2 wheelchair riders get along well. But then everything turned out very differently.

My outward trip on Friday was uncomplicated and smooth, I even arrived 24 minutes earlier than planned. This allowed me to surprise Neele, who was rushed to the track by the crib with a short pit stop at home. Friday the rest of the day ran smoothly.

On Saturday morning we had to postpone the Soltautherme visit and drove as a spontaneous alternative program to Bremerhaven to the Klimahaus, which I recommend directly (barrier-free tour for wheelchairs 😉 ) Already during the Klimahaus tour Neele complained about increasing headaches, which became worse and worse until the evening and also attacked sinuses and sinuses.

Her night became correspondingly restless. On Sunday she struggled her way out of bed in the morning, at breakfast she was still going, at the following play (one way or another unfavorable situation) she broke out and her health continued to go downhill. Her father was still allowed to provide for her in a makeshift manner, I was not supposed to enter the room (which I had to do very quietly in between, however). In the late afternoon I drove home again, whereby the return trip was a bit flexible again.

In the end, things went a little differently, but when you get sick, it’s no wonder. Apart from smaller cables, which are otherwise rare, we were not able to refine our Swedish plan on Sunday. But this would not have worked anyway, because my bank card is a problem at the moment, so bookings would not have worked anyway.

The Sweden plan can be continued on Tuesday or Wednesday, now there are only 8 weeks to go.

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