Something new from both of us.
Neele was with me at the weekend from saturday noon to tuesday noon. Besides the usual things like sleeping, eating till you drop, watching movies or shopping, we have thought through and tried out some things for the world trip.

Packing: Sensitive topic and ultimately something rather frustrating. We have a set of 4 suitcases and had planned the big suitcase as a suitcase for both. We first tried it with her things and if she didn’t have a piece of clothing (she was only there for 4 days), she replaced it with a similar one. We hadn’t even packed everything from her and the suitcase was already full. Sure: Now you will say, women and you luggage! But are 6 T-shirts for 1 year world trip too much? No!

While I was extremely frustrated inside, you could tell Neele was frustrated and pissed (not literally!). Again and again, when we read online packing lists of world travellers, we ask ourselves „How can we do this?“ They say „backpack, 2 T-shirts, 2 pairs of socks, 1 long and one pair of shorts, 1 pair of light shoes, 2 undershirts/bra and 2 underpants, that’s all you need“. They buy everything in the next country or wash everything completely somewhere in every country (even if far from civilization)? THIS CAN’T WORK!

We received some good advice from the Jack Wolfskin saleswoman when we were shopping, but we are currently wondering how we can pack everything and, above all, how we should transport it. It is a shit feeling when one is actually finished except for the still highly problematic financing problem and then suddenly comes a little stumbling block that could not be foreseen… If I were a neele, I wouldn’t want to take 1 bra, 1 shirt, 1 pants, 1 pair of underpants and 1 pair of shoes for 1 year.

I am sure that this topic will also occupy us for a while. I’ll be with her for the weekend in 1.5 weeks, but we have completely different things in mind. However, she found an even bigger suitcase in the family house, so we may have to try it out in between.

Project … There is a very general problem with us. We have so much in store for each other and so little time for that, also precisely because of the comfortable distance. A few months ago she said „it’s not really worth it to come under 4 – 5 days“ and with time I really understood what she meant in the end. She’s been here 4 days now and finally it just feels like a short tap. The problem with the distance has always been subliminal, but then it becomes really noticeable. The goal is to change this in the long run, but unfortunately „Hexhex“ doesn’t work there either. I, since it would be even easier for me in proportion, have been trying to organize it for months, but it doesn’t work for me at the moment.

As you can see, a nice weekend (if it were possible, she would always come here), with world travel frustration and an insight that makes an elementary change indispensable…

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