Originally Neele had set the alarm clock to 9 o’clock, we really got started at 9.45. It had snowed over the night, partly it was well cleared today, but in many places miserable, especially sidewalk edges are often a challenge.

First we went to the tourist information (about 400m as the crow flies) and bought postcards+stamps. With the prices you have to wonder why hardly any postcards are sent anymore! In addition, we now have a city map that has served us well in today’s project.

We iced a few kilometres across the Baltic Sea with the wheelchairs. So that you can imagine a route, enter in Google Maps (e.g., others are just as good): Luleå Nörra Hamn – Gultzauudden – Glåsjalören – Luleå Södra Hamn.

Back on the mainland we were now still eating well in a Chinese-Italian-Japanese restaurant and as I write this, Neele blogs from yesterday.

If and what we still do today, I don’t know. Tomorrow is indoor or outdoor sightseeing, depending on the weather.

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