Wake up in the morning as usual, get up, get dressed, have breakfast (Our economical Swedish special breakfast, more about this in a separate article) Then we are back at the tourist information, there are bus tickets. So 2x round trip for adults and on to the bus stop.

The first bus would have gone in the right direction, but too far from its destination. Otherwise there would have been problems, because the driver would not have taken both because of the restriction to 1 wheelchair (in Flensburg you can see it more relaxed) anyway.

So we waited 45 minutes for the optimal bus, warmed up in one of the 3-4 shopping centers and got some material in the pharmacy and went back to the bus.

Bus 2 took us both without comment, even operated the heavy import ramp itself and if I hadn’t said anything, he wouldn’t have wanted our 2 tickets at all.

30 minutes later we reached our destination: Gammelstad, the former city, today’s Old Town, of Luleå.

The town around the medieval stone church consists of many, many small red wooden houses. When the town was no longer on many islands in the sea due to the land elevation, Luleå had to move to the displaced sea. Gammelstad, however, retained its status, as Swedish law said that one MUST go to church on Sundays. Today, most houses are inhabited on weekends, only the slightly larger ones during the week. Gammelstad is a World Heritage Site!

Despite the snow, the paths with wheelchairs are easy to use. In the visitor centre there is a shop and information on floor 1 as well as a mini museum with many German descriptions. You can reach the top with an elevator (in Germany unthinkable because of monument protection). We had a lot of fun and also went to the Lapland shop and the pizzaria there.

Around 6 pm we went home, this time the bus driver insisted that Neele get out of the wheelchair, but did not check the tickets 😀

In the late evening we were outside for a moment, we could now faintly guess the northern lights.

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