Overall, I almost fully agree with her contribution „education“! However, I would like to comment on it from the partially passive observer role.

She has made enormous progress in many areas where she has „construction sites“.

Just the phase from middle of April until now she (and partly me :D) brought physically, mentally and nervously partly to the edge of insanity, met here and there also with incomprehension (I do not take myself there as an accomplice from outside) and was under unbelievable inner and outer pressure, which one can only stand up to as a consolidated person. There’s the sticking point: She’s apparently more solid than she thinks she is! In time she also noticed what she did wrong and stands by it (wasn’t always so…)

The next school year will be strenuous again, but she wants to, can and will make it. I think even if it’s unspoken, she knows who’s going through this with her.

To the sailing idea briefly: I plan (again, this time seriously) first the SBF – Schein to make, in Hamburg there is a sailing school, which has boats optimized for it.

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