After I took the train from Flensburg to Verden on Friday at record-breaking speed and had to wait for Neele there for quite a while, it should start at 2.30 pm to Potsdam.

This worked, but after an artistic overhead kick when the train entered, I had the problem of high skin and slight blood loss.

Nevertheless, the journey itself went smoothly, and the journey to the hotel and check-in to the room were also problem-free. And what a (double) room! We were off our socks. 4 stars deluxe!!!!!

Next, as a precaution, Neele’s massive pressure was applied to the hospital, where only the head wound was cleaned and treated with spray plaster, waiting a total of almost 2 hours. „(„Go to the treatment room, the doctor is coming THE SAME.“) At a late hour, we could forget. Not a chance, especially as almost all restaurants in Potsdam-Zentrum have many high steps. So it was time to eat pizza at the hotel bed. Afterwards we went to bed quickly. The night itself was a bit restless for both of them, especially since it was the first night together in a double bed, but one can probably understand.

But the breakfast was more than ok. Unfortunately the stairlift to reception and breakfast room was broken, but the staff was very flexible and friendly. This gave us a special solution: breakfast in the room (never done in the hotel otherwise)! This was delivered to us by 2 ladies who had to carry hard, these quantities were incredible!

So, off to the video shoot. 1.5 km with wheelchair, traffic connection modest (and we lived at the traffic junction!) + constant rain. A dream!

A rented event room, a cameraman (his 2 assistants sick), equipment and next to us 4 participants, 1 father, 1 parents, at least on Saturdays no interactivity. In the theater, one would probably call it an all-day rehearsal. Well, everybody did their best, so everything was fine. Then we were brought back by Jörg, pouring rain part 2 did not have to be.

„At home“ we made ourselves a cosy afternoon and evening in/on the bed, with the bad weather 700 m to the castle Sanssouci would have been fatal. I had gotten dinner in between, Neele had been watching the TV evening program.

Around 1 we slept then.

P.S.: Unfortunately there are no pictures of Potsdam and us, either we were in stress or the weather was too horrible (Brandenburger Tor was covered because of construction work).

P.P.S: Part 2 will write Neele, but she’s pretty busy right now.

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