The next morning, after a quieter night than the first, we got a bombastic breakfast in our room. We packed provisions from the remaining breakfast for the day. Then we took the taxi ordered by the hotel back to the location. The day before it was a struggle for Basti to get a taxi, no company wanted to transport 2 wheelchairs in a taxi. Arrived at the shooting location I started immediately, waiting for Basti in the hall, I answered a few questions, which were asked to me by the cameraman. Then it was Basti’s turn, since I knew which questions would come up, I was allowed to stay in the room, but I didn’t irritate him. Actually, he missed an opportunity there. He should have sent me out of the room, then they would have seen in the video how it fits together. At the end we talked to the cameraman about our planned trip around the world and our frustration that it does not go on properly in the preparation. We rolled back to the hotel to pack the last things and took a taxi to the station. In an adventurous way, with longer than planned stopover (by chance I got to know Bastis sister Eva and her family for a short time, I went to Verden. Basti stayed with me for another night, but unfortunately had to return to Flensburg, where he still lives.

I look forward to our next tour, which will take us to Luleå in March 2018!

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