After this time we could go to sleep routinely and quickly, everything pointed to a leisurely and relaxed return journey, but…

It started when I woke up (for weeks) around 5 and tried to fall asleep again. Suddenly Neele from above said, „Are you awake? What are you doing? I replied that I was trying to go back to sleep. After the 3rd „Here stinks“ came „I can’t sleep anyway, I’ll come down“. The descent was much smoother, very cooperative and unexpectedly delicate for me! But I was pretty much knocked out and annoyed, which Neele also noticed.

Nothing helped, if she can’t sleep, I’m no chance! But female charm makes every granite block soft and soon we started our new main game „Quixx“. At least until we rang for the train escort. The staff had changed, the breakfast order had to be made again, but so I could try Ren.

We had 34 minutes change time in Stockholm, during breakfast our delay increased to 1 hour, so from now on our trip should be stressful.

In Stockholm the employees rotated, in the meantime they offered us a stay, overnight stay and onward journey tomorrow, at the expense of the Swedish railways. I might have done it, it would have been difficult for Neele, among other things because she wanted to be home the following day, so we drove further home.

On the way to Copenhagen the train attendants wanted to organize the exit, in the end it did not work out and we were fetched by muscle power from the x2000, mixture ICE / Shikansen. It wasn’t a big problem for me, but Neele had loaded everything that was left over in luggage. I’m still annoyed not to have taken a picture of it!

So we had to load 27 minutes from the platform with one of 3 elevators (mistig signposted) to come into the main hall, race to the counter of the Danish train, pull number, wait, describe problem in Danish (my 1st-2nd foreign language), arrange the whole journey+on/on/off-assistance. Short speech, long sense: we needed 25 minutes, 2 minutes later the train to Fredericia started. Without my Danish, but above all thanks to the annoyed, but all almost stoically calm all bearing Neele something like this would never have worked with the mountain of luggage!

In Fredericia we were taken out with a slow lifting platform, could eat something, then the helper came to invite us, which caused the complete chaos. If he didn’t understand what he was doing until the end, I don’t know… He was supposed to give us our tickets to Flensburg, instead he gave the train driver (who could do the least) his order confirmation for our entry, because he was convinced it was the ticket. The friendly train attendant was then forced to register us as fare evaders. So we were soon criminals for about 15 minutes, but after a tip from a Hamburg passenger we were able to negate this.

Neele was now completely exhausted, just wanted to arrive at my place and I was knocked out because I was already struggling with sleep deprivation and an unplanned nursing emergency before Copenhagen.

Neele animated me to do this for the first time on the train, I tried, but for various reasons it did not work out yet.

In Flensburg was of course from 20.00 no more personnel, 20.07 would have helped us however exceptionally, after the confusion it was now 22.11.

Wolfgang, my landlord, picked us up with his station wagon, got everything in the car and finally we had arrived home!

Neele got ready for bed, went to bed, fell asleep in a fraction of a nanosecond. I still had to wait for the night care, after that I could sleep too.


In the morning I was the first of Neele’s alarm clock to wake up, we looked in all our pockets to see who owned and sorted what. Afterwards there was a premature spaghetti brunch, financial accounting (we now also have a household book for upcoming tours), to pay the bank at the machine, back to me.

We were scared to death! Despite rush and hurry, it was hardly possible to reach Neele’s train home. We tried anyway, just barely failed. In addition, Lennart (Flensborg Avis) and also the planned press event (public relations) had to be cancelled.

With one hour delay Neele left, so the Swedish tour ended after 9 1/2 days (that was the first time we had ever been together, especially her with me).

Addendum: My mother asked afterwards, „And does Neele want to travel with you again?“ 😀

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