Almost 1.5 years to the day later, we went to a seminar again to the conference hotel in Essen, where Neele and I met. As back then, this time too the ASBH was the organizer. Topic of the seminar: Communication (in the family). But more on that below. Since Neele was there with her mother, the two had a room, I had mine (why always double room) directly underneath. The rooms in the barrier-free and inclusive (some employees have handicaps) hotel were very spacious, the beds comfortable and the bathroom neatly large. The first evening was a little messy and poorly organized. Reason: The board meeting of the association (you want Neele and me with you, in my case the decision has not yet been made) took much longer than planned! Thus the participants came directly to the dinner and the greeting together with acquaintance round was omitted. (Not only I disliked this!!) Since the rest of the evening was programme-free, entertaining conversations arose here and there, but the atmosphere was certainly not exactly homely, especially for newcomers to the seminar type. At least for me, however, the evening gave me a little more serenity through a late conversation, which I simply missed out on in the last few weeks. It went more (me) or less (Neele) late to bed, early out again and after a lavish breakfast into the seminar topic. To the seminar itself: It was a mixture of very well moderated lecture and workshop elements. Unfortunately, the Focus was always out of sight due to participants and it went towards work or self-help groups (self-reflection so to speak). The bow was always stretched back, but such digressions always made it tough. Besides listening, Neele used the time programmatically for us (writing the shopping list) and above all creatively. It became disturbing shortly before the end, when all the dams in a family broke due to the final text (the basic situation had been hinted at beforehand) and also participants, seized by the situation, reacted very emotionally. Since I had not really been able to extract much from the seminar for myself before, this text made some sense to me and at least in a communication relationship I will try to change some points positively. After a tasty dinner, there was a convivial atmosphere, premieres were „celebrated“, interesting conversations were held, the cellar was frequented and there was no shortage of fun. Again it became medium to late. Don’t drink and drive! This morning after breakfast there was a final round of seminars, the official image video world premiere and a not so short final round (Why do we have to philosophize about clear, short, simple questions and open x barrels?). Between said round and lunch, I discussed two things with the Chairman regarding Congress 2019 and the Board. After dinner Neele, her mum and I took a large taxi to the station and from there home.

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