When we got on the train from Stockholm to Lulea, the conductor opened up to us that only the first compartment could be reached by wheelchair. So we thought about how to get ourselves and all our luggage down in the small compartment. After a felt eternity we had cleared everything back and forth in such a way that we could move to some extent.

The night was great (I got into the upper bed, Basti slept downstairs) and the next morning we looked out the window for a long time and marvelled at the untouched nature. It looked insanely great. The breakfast, which we got brought into the compartment, was very rich and delicious. After we were about an hour late due to a reindeer colony on the tracks, we finally arrived in Lulea and were driven to our hostel by a nice taxi driver.

There we have settled in well for a while. In the evening I fell completely flat into bed

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