Neele was originally supposed to arrive in Flensburg 16:42 with the RE7 from Hamburg, but due to weather conditions and technical problems the IC 384 was delayed by almost 1 hour at 17:45.

After we had to wait almost 20 minutes for the bus in freezing cold and squalls, we first went to my place, unloaded our luggage, looked at the shopping checklist and (again long waiting for the bus in the weather) did the last errands.

No sooner said than done. After a princely spaghetti with tomato-mozzarella-sauce-meal we went to unpacking-repacking and repacking the purchases. Just with the sweets, fruit and vegetables we can survive more than the train rides! After Neele’s obligatory wallet check, there were first preliminary accounts of the costs I had already calculated in advance (the gentleman prefers to keep quiet here). One last look at the tickets, then Neele stowed them away in a well-marked place. Soon we were heading for the beds and around 0 o’clock everyone was lying in his „bunk“. This time still with a lot of space, in the night train we could manage untested on narrowest space…

Tomorrow or right away I will start the repacking of clothes (by the way Neele can pick out 1 or 2 sweaters from me and try them on) and other small stuff. Anything else we can think of, let’s see.

To be continued.

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