So, after Lena helped us into the bus this morning, we could NOT clarify last ambiguities at Flensburg station, it started 10.48 adventurously packed.

The stretch to Kolding went smoothly but narrowly. In Kolding we then had 1 hour ice+waiting break. From there to Copenhagen it went on narrowly and quietly.

In Copenhagen we had about 1 hour again, but we could also see quite a lot of the station and buy something to eat, because our food is only sweet or rich in vitamins.

The trip Copenhagen-Stockholm was then almost indescribable. The disabled toilet door always opened and closed, the tilt compensation control of the express train was broken and the last service shift passed 0 times.

Still, the mood was good until then!

Stockholm is just a low point! First there were difficulties with the train’s internal lifting platform, then the service personnel assistant seemed a little overwhelmed by his own handicap, gave unreliable information and now we wait 20 minutes next to a squeaking escalator in a 50s mini waiting hall with rust marks.

The Stockholm station should be nice, we only see it with the Google picture search… Let’s see how it goes on in the night train to Luleå. LYING!!!!! Since there is no Internet there, there will be no information until tomorrow!

Until denne, the Queen and the Prince King 😀 (Don’t lose humor 😉 )

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