What we announced in „Potsdam Part 2“, we are going to northern Sweden, more precisely Luleå, in spring 2018. I haven’t got that far north either, but at least I (Neele celebrated her kinship birthday at home)) was in southern Sweden last weekend! A typical (moderate) spontaneous action on my part was indeed. Idea birth approx. 14.30, beginning 16.15. First I am from Flensburg via Kiel and Lübeck to Travemünde-Skandinavienhafen with 3 regional trains. Then it went quite soon on the ship and into my cabin, the relaxation room with sleep chairs (by the way as the only one on the right big and well occupied ship). After I had arranged it well, I explored the ship in more detail. Meanwhile, Peter Pan left for the 9.5 hour drive. Eventually I got tired and fell asleep, hood over my head, in my huge single room with sea view. I was the only guest in a quiet room that looked like the office of a CEO. In the morning there was the morning buffet – warm and cold – and already the ship moored in Trelleborg at 7.30 am. From the ship we took the shuttle to the terminal, from there we just went over to the station, at the same time the bus station. Just got the bus ticket (Sweden has inclusive everyone pays) and off to a scenic drive to Ystad. There I visited my cousins Ulrik, Anna and William, a part of the Swedish family. Theoretically they would have known about my visit before, but there are also Swedes who are not online 24/7! So it was a good surprise and an entertaining morning, main topics besides family matters: World trip, Neele, Sweden trip Easter 2018 The latter led me to Malmö to the station. Since the Swedish Railway has only 3 „travel agencies“ in the whole country, the only personal conversation was possible here, which was very successful and will secure our first tour in 2018! In Malmö I walked, I was already in the city at Whitsun 2013, unerringly to the big Christmas market and looked around. It’s very big, very Scandinavian and so beautiful that I forgot to take pictures. Afterwards we went back to Trelleborg, by the way, old Swedish railway stations are an architectural experience, one feels like in the 19th century. As I had a little Rorschach test problem, I paid an unexpected visit to the Trelleborg Lasarett, you never learn from 😉 As compensation I then went out for dinner… And how! In a small side street I found an even smaller burger restaurant with as many as 33 burger variations! The whole thing with lots of fries and a big Coke at a very civilian price, so ideal for the money saver. By the way, my burger had tomato, cucumber, tomato, cheddar, banana, crisp bacon, salad and peanut butter to offer. Sounds mean, but it was a dream! Then we went back to the ship, identical in structure and course of the outward journey. 22.15 on, 7.30 at Travemünde, 12.33 at home. Spontaneity is always important! This keeps you fit and has its appeal! Comfort zone may be nice, but no risk, fun is more exciting… 2018 together with Neele will be the crowning moment of the travels (the designated crown princess is the lady anyway;))

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