After sleeping early, it was freezing cold (as mentioned, the tents were unheated), and the night had been raining over and over again, we encountered a problem in the morning, which was quickly and spontaneously solved by Neele.

She wanted to go to the disabled toilet, opened the tent, was in the vestibule area and I only heard when she made the first attempts to get up the plank track: „Oh shit, that’s smooth, we’ll never get up there! Turn around, I’m catheterizing (for the layperson: urinating by pipeline) here now.“ Since we both changed without any particular shyness and I had no other chance anyway, no subject.

But then we came out, by chance the family in the tree house opposite also just went out for breakfast and first came to us, whereby even the son almost slipped away several times on the boards. They also took the opportunity to look at our domicile and were amazed at how well we had organised ourselves. Together we went to the breakfast buffet.

After having enjoyed the buffet, we decided to stay the day and to explore the 4-5 hectare large area on the German side (it goes a little bit further in Poland), no matter how difficult the paths were. Then, as in many other places, our two credo „we will, we will, we will, we will“ came to light again in neon writing.

When we came out of the disabled toilet together again, there was as said only 1, a gentleman looked at us a little irritated at 😀 Whatever he thought, it was certainly not youth-free. It was very simple: While one brushes his teeth, the other catheterized and then turned around… Admittedly, it must have looked a bit ambiguous.

Neele has only a fragmentary sense of orientation, I can be abandoned everywhere, I find my way home. With this constellation it can only crack or run harmoniously during a terrain exploration. In the end it was very easy, she said the way, I came along and knew where to change direction if necessary. But since the terrain had very delicate paths, it also happened that she jumped off with „I look over there how it goes on“. followed by „That’s a steep descent, I’ll take a look“ to „Help, pull me up here“. Fortunately there were no witnesses 😀

After almost 5 hours we were all BOTH and moved into the tent until dinner, playing cards, giving Morse code, tickle, Uno with 30 cards 😀 Was damn dark, but somehow that went and I was allowed to use her double bed!

In the evenings she got her pirogi again, this time with big apple-mango juice. I, on the other hand, took potato cubes on rocket with chicken skewer and tomato paste and applesauce. Finally we fell into bed extremely early, the next day Neele’s highlight should take place, the trip to Herrnhut!

Get up, do everything in the tent that is not normally done there;), up for breakfast, full eaten, bus plan felted.

At the same time we could also see a development among the guests and employees. We weren’t unusual anymore, we were right in the middle of it. It was clear to us that there is always an interested question, as it certainly does not happen often that two wheelchair users travel together without further helpers. Because it’s not everyday. But that’s what it’s all about. Show that it is „normal“ (we are not on another level) to travel. Not only non-disabled people, but also the disabled, for whom it would be possible due to disability, show that with a little courage, self-confidence and partial planning you can get out of the comfort zone and get started!

Shortly again into the tent and off to the bus. The bus driver could not lower the bus completely and helped us both up the ramp. On that occasion we learned that we could actually stay in the bus until Herrnhut, contrary to the information of the train app! Contrary to the planning, we did not stay centrally in the small town, which turned out to be very good, because we ended up in the parish hall of the Herrnhuter Brüdergemeine, the religious community, to which Neele and her mother belong.

The Herrnhuter Brüdergemeine is a small, ecumenically oriented, Protestant free church with 6000 members in Germany and 825,000 worldwide.

In Bohemia and Moravia, in 1457, several people joined together to form a brotherhood who wanted to live according to the Protestant reform demands and the Sermon on the Mount of Jesus. A Bible translation was done, a catechism and a hymnal were written. However, after the Westphalian peace of 1648 they could not live in peace, but were exposed to persecution and could not live their faith openly.

Some of them sought asylum with Count Nikolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf near Görlitz in 1722. They founded Herrnhut on his land because they felt safe here under the hat of the Lord.

A lively community life developed, to which many Protestant faithful of the most different directions felt attracted. They all believed in Jesus Christ. Many songs were written. They expressed the belief that they can be liberated and happy people. In 1728 Zinzendorf gave the community a password for the day, from then on this became a daily ritual. This resulted in the password book, which is still used all over the world today.

In 1732, at the request of the black valet Anton, the first missionaries moved to West India (Caribbean). Today, these beginnings have become a small, worldwide church, the Evangelical Brethren-Unity (Unitas Fratrum, Moravian Church, Iglesia Moravia). In 19 provinces it includes Christians from many peoples and languages in South and East Africa (Neeles Uropa was missionary son in Tanzania), on the American continent from Alaska to South America, in Palestine, North India and Europe.

The missionary activity, which was unusual for the 18th century, led to the Brotherhood becoming an independent free church with its own constitution, synod and church leadership. Jesus Christ is the sole Lord and head, foundation and goal of the congregation that gathers around the Word of God.

Also known in Germany are the poinsettias with the many stars called Herrnhut Stars. Few people have heard that name before.

In the so-called Herrnhut Sternemanufaktur we spent many hours after I had had a close look at the community hall, a Herrnhut star shop and the architecture of many houses. On the one hand the history of the community and the history of the stars are described there, on the other hand the production of the stars is shown there all day long by changing 6 ladies in the usual pure manual work. After a more than lavish refreshment with high garlic content (2 days later still to be noticed) the nationally known bakery was „plundered“ before we had to wait 1 hour for the bus for the return journey due to stupidity on both sides! (To the amusement of the passers-by, as we only had foolishness in our heads).

Back it went somehow felt faster, which was good for me, because I noticed that I would have more to do in terms of nursing.

I mentioned in a previous posting my advance training camp care, but in the end I acted completely differently (already on the day before the departure from Verden). Without going unappetizingly into detail: Actually like almost every non-handicapped person, only with diaper and lying on his stomach, since it is actually too late 😉

I had this „more to do“ feeling for a long time and thanks to Neele, who always motivated me and calmed me down in a certain sense, while the action described her beginnings in the area of self-care and thus brought me back on track.

After some extended care break and „piss off“ (you don’t have to know everything :P) from Neele, it went to this time very sweet dinner, only dessert! Mini doughnuts in vanilla sauce pudding with hot cherries or nut cake with blueberries. The last evening walk led us to the cockatoo of the place and also the two peacocks met us in unusually airy height.

Packing in the 4/5 dark room was very adventurous, but since we had to wake up at 5.30 a.m. last morning, it was still the best time. After a final detailed UN round, it was time to say „Good night“ to each other.

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