5.15 a.m., a stupid idea! In retrospect, we could have easily made it 1 hour later… So the usual morning routine, only this time without breakfast. 6.45 o’clock came, as agreed before, the boss of the morning buffet, 2 colleagues and 2 Mega-Lunchpakete to us. Thanks to their help, with our luggage we would never have made it sooo fast, we stood 7:03 o’clock at the bus stop, 7:11 o’clock then came the bus, as we then learned by the boss by telephone regulated, a low floor bus. It was the first day of the holidays in Saxony, someone else could have come. We did not know, but once again it turned out that the employees of the culture island Einsiedel were worth their weight in gold!

By bus to Görlitz, wait another 30 minutes, then by train via Dresden main station to Leipzig.
Here we were already handicapped by Carina, also as we Spina Bifida and Mark, her friend, expected. Together we had a short introduction with coffee, cappuccino and cocoa, because maybe one of the next tours together will lead us to Carina at Whitsun in 2016 (I was already visiting Carina for almost 1 week at Whitsun).
40 minutes break, the IC was already waiting on the track and off we went to Hannover, where now Neele’s mom, who had arrived from Leipzig before, was standing again. Together the last stage was denied, anecdotes were told, the state of health of Neele’s sister was reported and then she got out in Verden.

In the evening we played Alhambra with Neele’s parents, then we went to bed and the following day I went on to my family for Easter.


Even if the terrain and the tent were not necessarily suitable for wheelchairs, it was extremely worthwhile to take this first tour together. We have prepared everything as we needed it, without making decisive compromises. Guests and staff were very helpful, friendly and cooperative. We very quickly went from wheelchair users to guests or guests in wheelchairs. This shift in perception was important to us, just as it was to show what was possible, despite other locomotion. Finally, it also welded us together a little bit more.


The first stage towards the world tour is done! What’s the next step?
First of all a congress in Hanover, where we will participate. Then Leipzig possibly together. In summer she will spend 1-2 weeks with her family in Sweden, if I will follow her there is questionable. Before she is anyway again with me, I also at least 1 time with her, rather 2-3 times. There are various reasons why we can’t book a larger trip in advance, but it’s only clarified on a daily basis: it’s beach, sea and sun.

Apart from the blog, there are also plans, even if there are few pictures we made, to make a lecture out of it, which you can give at an ASBH event, like those where we got to know each other, or even where people are simply thematically interested in what can become of „We can’t, so let’s do it! In the long run we have to consider how we can get sponsors, because according to the current state of affairs we will not be able to reach the big goal in 4 years, world tour!

Update 20.04.2017
The next common vacation, then longer, is to go to the sea into the sun, exact goal gives it however not to report yet, Croatia is at present in the discussion.

Stay tuned!

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