The time had come on 9.4.2017. I took the train to Neele. The plan was to compare the luggage, clean out and reduce, redistribute, then have dinner with her parents and plan the following day and on the whole things were going well (I had a dress rehearsal there in terms of care technology, I will explain this later in passing).

The day before we had already regulated things which, although we did not place any emphasis on this handicap fact (and yet shimmered through in some places), were quite essential for the luggage weight: „Leave off the diapers, you get those from me, they fit you too“ (S and M ;D).

The first journey – culture island Einsiedel (days 0 and 1)
10. 4. 2017:
Departure Verden, her mother came with her, since she visited her first journey – culture island Einsiedel (days 0 and 1) hwester in Cottbus in the hospital until Thursday. The gag was, we got in and the first thing I discovered was a female passenger in an E-Rolli, whom I hadn’t seen since 1993 and who had graduated with me: Conny. From this a loose 4er discussion developed, at whose end Conny asked for a travel report by SMS (supplement: checked!)

The change in Hanover went smoothly, the train attendant even knew that disabled people were allowed to accompany each other (according to DB statutes). Neele’s mother left us in Leipzig, the real adventure „Urlaub zu 2“ could really begin!
In Dresden-Neustadt we fell short of the minimum change-over period of the mobility service, spurred on to really make it, we were accompanied to the train to Görlitz, which was completely overheated.

Bahnsteig und Gleise, darauf Menschen und ein Fernverkehrszug in Dresden-Neustadt, schräg von oben aufgenommen.

In Görlitz the service personnel brought us to the ZOB (which they are not authorized to do). As a result, the last change also worked out and the bus ride to the Kulturinsel ended in complete satisfaction.

There we were at the entrance portal. Straight ahead a staircase, left a bulky gravel road, which was only the overture to highly interesting surfaces (later more about that)… So the one with luggage along and at the end of the lattice fence right around the corner…

… Where it went down steeply on gravel and roots twice more! Arrived in the registration, one was surprised, because one had not counted on us so early. One of the Polish employees led us over the very hilly terrain, at first over loamy sand soil, then, when we were in the overnight area of the adventure park, first over forest soil and then over an elevated plank path, which was hardly wider than the wheelchairs and also had a vertical inclination at certain points in addition to a horizontal gradient. Demanding, but good for the experienced, even if not risk-free!

The overnight area consisted of several tree houses and huts, which reminded a little of the „Lord of the Rings“ films. In each of the 5-cornered huts 4 alcove tents were hung, 3 as 2-person tents, 1 as 4-person tents. The common interior was covered with cobblestone flooring.

The originally planned 4-bay alcove turned out to be unsuitable, however, because of the rather high entrance step, which pedestrians do not perceive as an obstacle at all. Spontaneously and unbureaucratically the planning was changed and a few moments later we had the suitable accommodation.

So it became an alcoves of four. On the right and left 2 single beds, in the middle a double bed (which Neele occupied alone because of her expressive night movement activities). Beside 2 thick cushions, which we stacked to a small table, there was still another lamp. The luminosity was the hammer, a candle in a pitch-dark room is brighter 😉 The sanitary facilities were of course not in the tent, but we had to or would have had to go somewhere else (aspect, which is still treated separately), namely opposite the restaurant (for breakfast buffet and dinner).

It then went to this and the food was earned simply by the access to planks, sand and clay, metal plate and rising uneven cobblestone pavement. However, the menu was more than worth this effort. High-quality, quantitatively suitable, very lucrative in price. On the first evening we had pirogi in cream sauce, chestnut soup with mushrooms, apple mango juice and coke.

After a princely meal and first conversations with staff and other guests, who still found it unusual what we were doing with the 2 wheelchairs, we first went to the evening toilet and then, exhausted from the eventful day, to our beds.

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