Questions like this or at least questions in this direction arrive every few days, especially in Facebook-PN.

Since there were other things to consider when travelling to Luleå, I will first make only a national comparison, which can only be considered a rough model.


1. Select destination and date
2. Either directly to the counter or first build yourself a tour online.
3. to the switch
4. Buy Card(s)
5. Packing at home and before the trip
6. Book a hotel.
7. starting

wheelchair rider

1. Select destination and date
2. Build Tour
3. Call the DB mobility service
4. Ask if the wheelchair space in the selected trains is still available. If yes, to 5. If no, back to 2. until answer is yes.
5. Have a check made as to whether the local mobility service, if available, is present at the entry, change and exit station. If no, back to 2. If no, to 6.
6. Information on escort and luggage.
7. Make map and mobility service clear, i.e. buy map, register service.
8. Home and until the day of departure hoping that the mobility service does not call „Bahnhof x has cancelled, we have to change this“, otherwise again to 2.
9. Find accommodation that is as suitable for wheelchairs as possible, pack
10. If there is a high demand for care products, prepare the package, arrange accommodation and send it to us.
11. On the day of departure to the station and hope that everything works out.
12. starting

If you liked the comparison, there are questions, you want further comparisons, write us.

P.S.: What can happen during a journey, has already happened to us, we could write books about.

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