– Basti came to my house the weekend I want to tell you about, to go with me to the ASBH general meeting in Bremen the next day. Arrived there we listened to a few lectures and were pleased that we were recognized on the basis of the report from the ASBH compass regarding our Einsiedel tour there. People asked us what we would have in common in the next weeks, months and years. We told very proudly about our plans for further excursions and journeys. At the end of the event came another call „Actors wanted“ for an image video for the ASBH. Then we looked at each other and it was clear to us both, there we take part. No sooner said than done!

hard facts

From 20-23.11.17 we will be in Berlin. The film will be shot on 21.+22.11.17 somewhere in Berlin. Among other things, we will use the free time with a city tour. We’ll tell you more after the shoot.

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