While I was starting from Flensburg, Neele’s journey to Verden began. Since I was first in Hamburg, I was allowed to execute Neele’s food procurement order via SMS in the practice.

After I picked them up at the train together with a gentleman of the mobility service, I first went to Bad Oldesloe together.

Originally we wanted to take the bus to the youth hostel and check in our luggage. But far from it. Already at the bus station, no bus driver was able to tell us which bus would lead us to our destination. The incredible thing about it, some drivers didn’t know their route themselves!!

After a while we made it and arrived at the youth hostel! But there was no staff there unexpectedly and we put the luggage in a room.

The journey to the station was then also difficult again, in addition to the bus driver topic mentioned there was also the fact that there often other buses than indicated stop at the bus stops. But in the end we were one step behind schedule to Bad Segeberg

To be continued.

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