Arrived in Bad Segeberg, we first had to find the way to the Kalkberg, where the Karl May Festival takes place. Neele has been there several times, but never from the station. Since the signs were horrible, we took a path that even experienced wheelchair riders had to take, including a steep bumpy path.

When I got to the top, I took care of the cards. Neele had ordered in advance and these had been sent to her, but we had doubts whether they were correct.

Look there, wrong! Fortunately, they were cancelled and we got the right ones. Unfortunately, our seats were very modest.

Neele reported that she used to sit at the very bottom of the stage, but now you sit on the side at the very top (I suspect due to escape route plan and new fire protection regulations and almost needs binoculars. In addition, the masts on which the speakers hang are often a visual obstruction. (Photo will follow, must first be checked for prescription). But the ticket price is favorable and since we both have the B for (analogously) „It is possible to take an accompanying person along“ in the handicapped ID card, only 1 of tickets had to be paid (besides: The train journeys were all free in the regional traffic, thus thanks to token of the public utility office).

The performance itself was very short with 1 3/4 hours (20 minutes break already included), Neele said the one she had seen was at least 1 hour longer. It also seemed to me less like a play with a continuous plot, it was rather a number revue with, however, very good dance interludes. The use of the auditorium as a stage extension and the one or other bang effect continued to be positive. However, I found the overemphasized, often bumpy way of speaking of some actors quite creepy. After all, there are some very well-known film actors.

After the performance we went back to the station, this time we followed the crowd in the other direction and this was correct in itself. But suddenly we stood at the bend to the main road! Neele has a strong sense of non-orientation, BUT the mistake went to 100% on me!!

Nevertheless we reached the station just in time, drove to Bad Oldesloe, there with the taxi (my wheelchair has since then serious paint damages) to the youth hostel, checked in, moved into our room and made us a relaxed nice evening. When I came back from the last catheterization, Neele was already sleeping 4/5 and so the evening came to an abrupt end.

The next morning we packed, had breakfast and already we went to the station (by taxi) and soon we had 1 hour stay in Hamburg until everyone drove home.

Summary: Everything went well. Even if the time was much too short, it was a suitable test for the next time when Neele in training Friday has longer school. Basically it fits anyway.

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