In recent times a lot has changed piece by piece.

While Neele had to prepare for her just started 3 week cure (thus dates without end), I did a lot for me in a relatively personal, but worth mentioning way, also with regard to our project (some call it experiment) level.

Because I was dissatisfied with my physiotherapy (it is about stability of the spine), I started to go to the university gym for 1 month, additionally. My therapist fell ill for a long time, her successor challenges me to my joy right! So now I’ve got two things to do.

Last weekend I also did a so-called trial sailing. If it should work with the targeted sailing licence, this will also be used on a trip around the world.


In the course of the week we continued: First we made a surprising number of new contacts on Twitter (currently the most rewarding channel for us), then I phoned Nils, Scuba/Idda-Instructor and followers of our blog. (More about this in due time).

So, now for the day’s news! This morning I was with Andreas, my former internship manager, and talked to him about a project I worked on there last autumn (exhibition project on the wheelchair and social-historical development) and progress.

Since he does project management/PR/marketing/advertising, I had said in advance that I also wanted to talk to him about my heart project. We did this and came to the conclusion that Neele and I urgently need good media contacts, so that we need reach and thus promoters/sponsors of a larger scale! Our previous ambitions were not successful, mainly because we did not do it professionally. This must now change!

It would be conceivable to approach newspapers, publishers and TV channels with the project outline that has now been drawn up. The idea of addressing serious talk shows would also be an idea.

Basti will also be present in Hamburg for the wheelchair Basketball World championships as volunteer with an individually printed shirt and will try to make contacts accordingly.


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