First of all we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

December was usually exhausting and we didn’t come to anything worth mentioning until a few days ago.

Neele and I spent the holidays with our family and originally I wanted to go back to Flensburg on january 4th. On the 28th, after Neele did not express her wish immediately, the change of plan came and I was with her from 2.-5.1. 🙂

When we were sitting together, we got the already expected return mail from the boat owner of the boat, what we had in mind. What we can say, it was not a rejection and also no promise. We’ll stay tuned.

For this year we have a rough travel idea, when exactly it will be realized, depends above all on Neeles education process. At least Neele will probably come to me in mid-april.

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