We had a good start into the new year, were together at Neele’s from 2 to 5 January and cleaned up her „living room“ 😀 For this year there are some things in the back of our minds, to what extent they are feasible, depends among other things on the course of Nele’s semester.

Those who have been following us for some time already know that she will (at first) become a social pedagogical assistant. The program began in the summer of 2017, and the examination phase can now extend over the school semester that has just begun. She already has appointments for many examinations, so it will be even more exciting, exhausting and time-consuming. Of course she and we also try to do some compensatory work, but it’s not so easy at first, because there are always unforeseen stumbling blocks in the way.

For our trip around the world and other planned tours the planning of course continues, at the moment we are aquanautically active. It is noticeable that the outer hook is always the social „trust, yes no“. Maybe that’s the reason why our crowdfunding has come to a standstill and I would like to point this out again:


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