This time it was due to organizational reasons a short visit in Verden. I arrived around half past three, came down from the track and then I stood in front of an unregistered, non-functioning elevator. Since there are fewer trains there on Saturdays, I had to wait 40 minutes for 2 friendly personal carriers and already (!) I was upstairs and dashed to Neele.

Quite soon I went to the Verden city hall, together with Neeles mummy, in front of the entrance her friend Michelle joined her.

The Hallo Verden Festival is organized by Lebenshilfe and already had guests like Johannes Oerding, Max Giesinger, „Die Happy“ and this year Frida Gold (who we both didn’t like) as headliner. Also Vogelfrey, Terry Hoax, Kellerkommando and „Ich kann fliegen“ performed. Kellerkommando surprised us both very positively, their style mix of Franconian folk music, rap and ska was a blast. I also liked Terry Hoax, which I haven’t seen for 26 years.

During the evening I had asked Michelle to photograph both of us, but it didn’t work out until the very end. Neele was already knocked out and had a headache. You can see this on her face, too:

IMG_20181111_003555_852.jpgP. S. : The sweater color is coincidence!

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