Before I really get started, I have to apologize to both of us. Due to Nele’s approaching end of training and corresponding preparation for the exams, in which I helped her as far as possible and wanted, we both didn’t get to blog. Apart from the barcamps in Flensburg and Hanover, I wasn’t always very well myself. But no matter, you finally want the travelogue and here it is, at least part 1.

At the beginning I was with Neele for a few days, except for a nursing masterpiece and a successful action on my part for the first time, it was quite unspectacular, apart from the fact that Neele showed me her parish/church.

Then it became exciting. Together with her parents we first drove to Osnabrück, there we separated and Neele and I drove together to Amsterdam Central in the IC. The trip had been booked and registered for a good 2 months, and of course we were helped to get in and out. This worked perfectly, as most of the time, in Osnabrück. So with us everything was ok, not as you can always hear and read about.

After a quiet drive, spent playing, we arrived in Amsterdam and from then on it became more adventurous for a short time, because the announced exit help was not there. We hadn’t seen the train crew for a while, we were helpless for a short time. Then a garbage worker appeared, he grabbed personnel and suddenly the ramp was there.

Since we had quite little luggage (compared to Luleå last year), we pack more skillfully every year, we could get off the track quite fast and could enter the front building thanks to the QR code. There we had to get the chip cards for the ÖP(N)V and soon we found the vending machines, which turned out to be not in the right way to vote, for it. The betting field is quite high, but I have long arms. Then you have to enter how much you want to charge, then we discussed briefly and entered the amount. Next step was the insertion of the bank card, my arm was still just enough. Last step: Enter your PIN code… Well, the display was sloping backwards, the keyboard was extremely close. So I entered the PIN, Neele stood up secured by orthoses, very soon card 1 was ours and the 2nd one was similar.

After we found in Hochparterre the buses and also ours to Volendam, it became almost exciting. The bus (with folding ramp) was allowed for 1 wheelchair, nevertheless we both came, the driver was interested 0 in it.

In Volendam we asked young adults with gruesome English skills how to get to the hotel, got a little smarter and left. Volendam is a small town at the Ijsselmeer, from the city centre towards the harbour you have to cross a dam, one of the paths has no steps. Exactly this one we found intuitively (online route descriptions ignore topography) and stood with a small detour in front of our hotel, booked 7 weeks before.

P. S. The hotel gets its own blog post, from then on there are plenty of photos! Up to here we simply had no peace.

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