… on that motorboat lesson day, the elevator in my house still didn’t work.
Prehistory: The house elevator has been defective for years again and again for short and long periods. Since I moved in 2016, I have experienced it out of order several times, but not for more than a few days. I knew, however, that in 2014 it did not work for over 6 weeks.
This is especially problematic, because in my high-rise building many elderly gentlemen live with walking aids or roller blinds, who are dependent on the elevator and for whom (as for me) the long-term damage turned their own apartment into a prison cell.

Strictly speaking, the elevator was already defective since the end of October, sometimes for 2, sometimes for 3 days. That had already led to the fact that my journey to Neele around November 1st began with difficulties. I had to be carried down by 2 private persons and could then start towards the station.

In the meantime the elevator had been out of order for 3 weeks and I had developed a good supply network via Whatsapp. I was so annoyed by the situation that I called the newspaper publisher of one of the two Flensburg daily newspapers and described the situation. After a suitable report had appeared with my assistance, the landlord suddenly gave in and the spare part, which the repair service had already ordered against their will, was there instead of „in a few weeks“ as predicted, but not 3 days later.

The internal problem was that many of the 76 + residents did not want to complain publicly „so that the landlord does not throw us out and we have to go to the nursing home. I had decided to go by the newspaper and after some people didn’t like it at first, they changed their minds after the elevator went back and liked what I did.

Nevertheless, 3,5 weeks completely locked up in my own „prison cell“ is something I don’t wish to anyone, in the long run it makes you almost depressive!

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