The name says it all, unfortunately -.-
At the beginning of November, my laptop, with the charging cable attached, slipped off the bed. Since I was not even close and it was not lying on the edge, I was very surprised when I heard the impact of the laptop on the floor from a distance.
At first sight it seemed to be just a little quirk on the edge of the top. But when I booted the laptop, I realized that at least the monitor must have taken a more serious damage. But since the charging jack hadn’t been working properly for quite some time on the 2013 unit either, I decided to give the laptop to check. It was of great advantage that a mobile computer service specialist lives in my direct neighbourhood, whom I contacted and who took the „junk“ with me.
It took a while until it was clear that the repair costs exceeded the new costs by far and with a heavy heart I decided to leave my laptop with him for disposal (except the internal hard disk, which is now an external hard disk!)
He then called 2-3 weeks later and offered me a new, modernized laptop.
Even though it had Windows 10 Professional instead of my beloved Ubuntu and was comparatively heavier, I accepted the offer and after a few weeks I had a usable laptop again!

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