One evening Neele had a surprise for me with far-reaching consequences. She suddenly asked in Skype „Does weekend x or y suit you better?“ without any obvious connection for me. However, due to further necessary inquiries it became clear that she wanted to enrol me for a compact weekend course for the motor boat driving licence.
In the end she did so and I took the bus, as the course was held at the University of Flensburg, Friday evening and entered the room. Actually, I had expected irritated looks of the course leader because of the wheelchair, but he only said „Come in, there is room in front.
After the first evening we talked to each other, but he said directly: „It’s no problem for me, we can do it. I’m sure you’ll be able to get the medical certificate on Sunday, and whether the examination board will admit you is up to them. Maybe we can also put in a good word of support.“
Saturday and Sunday were then very learning intensive. But Saturday evening was exciting, because we were asked if we wanted to do the crash course „Binnen“ on Sunday. Of course I answered in the affirmative. (Knowing that in Germany no wheelchair driver has the Binnen und See – Schein)
Sunday morning the doctor came for a check-up, he had basically no problem with the wheelchair, but in the certificate he gave the justified condition that someone with the same boat qualification must be present, in case of an accident or indisposition on my part.
After the course the practical driving lesson should be soon, but this fell flat for me, because …

P.S.: I am allowed to take the motorboat driving licence from the examination office, but the fact that it has not worked out so far has other reasons.

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