We will be going to Inverness/Scotland at the beginning of April for our annual pre-Easter holiday.
The idea to go to Scotland, Neele had had for a while, that we wanted to travel by night train, was also clear early on. My idea was to see how far north the night train would go.
Final stop: Inverness, so the destination was clear.

Inverness is located in the Scottish Highlands and is a city with about 46.000 inhabitants, the famous Loch Ness is about 40 minutes away. The city is historically very interesting, the terrain is challenging for wheelchair users.

Currently we have booked the hotel, return trip by sleeping car (London-Inverness) is also already arranged. The journey to London is still difficult, as the DB no longer offers the London Special and we now have to make the journey split between DB and Eurostar.

But: We made Einsiedel, Luleaa and Newcastle, then it will be no problem in the end.

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