Around November 1st, I drove to Neele’s place again. She was alone in the house for several days and the opportunity was also favourable as her main living space needed a major clean-up.
So I travelled again with 3 regional trains (the entrances, changes and exits of the MSZ (Mobility Service Centre) worked perfectly in all cases) and on the first evening we cooked something together. The teamwork worked as usual very well and even a somewhat shaky clearing up operation went without any injuries.
Besides the cleanup action starting the next day, which took several days, we watched several videos on Youtube about a topic that was very important to Neele at that time: Germans on American death row. We expanded the topic a bit, but it remained in this area worthy of discussion, which logically kept us busy.
Even after Neele’s parents had returned, I stayed a few more days and we also put several things into the travel drawer.
The travel drawer is something new for most of you: Some months ago, Neele left a big (now rather 2) compartment in one of her cupboards and collects things there that we can use or will use safely on our travels together. In addition, there are also parts coming in there that I should take from her to my place sometime.
As you can see, we are not only organized, but also plan in such details precisely.
After about 4 days I had to go back to Flensburg and everything went smoothly there, too.

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